A Spoonful of Nu Gaze

The ConorTV Playlist Vol. 6 



Nu Gaze emerged in the early 2000s as a horde of bands started playing music influenced by the Shoegazers that came before them – see yesterday’s post  on Shoegaze. Deerhunter, A Place To Bury Strangers and Beach House are semi-popular examples.

There is also a prevalence of somewhat mainstream acts like Silversun Pickups – a band whose fuzzbox guitar effects echo the early Shoegaze scene.



M83 isn’t entirely Nu Gaze, but songs like “New Map” and “Reunion” fit the bill nicely. The ethereal nature of their music is definitely shoegaze inspired.

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A Spoonful Of Shoegaze

The ConorTV Playlist Vol. 5  



Shoegaze is a genre widely known by aging hipsters and audiophiles. It’s mostly foreign to the masses. Well the masses are missing out.

There are two playlists I have crafted: one on Shoegaze and one on Nu Gaze – new bands inspired by the initial shoegazers.

The term “Shoegaze” was coined by British rock critics who noticed that a crop of artists in the late ‘80s / early ‘90s were so intensely focused on their instruments they appeared to be staring at their shoes.

Some joked that they were not proficient enough on their guitars to play without looking down. But I disagree. Their music was complex.



Songs by bands like Ride, Chapterhouse, Slowdive and the Jesus and Mary Chain echo with blissful melodies and jingle-jangle guitars.

These bands were popular on college radio, especially My Bloody Valentine and Lush. Shoegaze never reached the mainstream except for a few videos by MBV and Lush. These enjoyed some late-night airplay on MTV’s “120 Minutes”

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