Bjork’s Weirdo Getup, Joanna Newsom’s Gorgeous Harp – Pitchfork Day 1 in Photos



We all know it. Bjork is bizarre. In a good way. The Icelandic singer-songwriter zipped onstage wearing an airglow silver dandelion spacewoman getup. Her entire head was covered in long, shiny “pins” alá Pinhead from “Hellraiser” but to the extreme. The singer’s show came complete with a dozen or so dancing choir performers who bolstered Bjork’s nuanced voice.

The energetic “Army of Me” was the highlight of the night. And we didn’t get to hear her other hits – “It’s Oh So Quiet”, “Big Time Sensuality,” “or “Human Behaviour.” Why? With a thunderstorm a-brewin’ Pitchfork organizers called off the show 20 minutes too soon.  Major bummer.

But still, this day-one headlining showstopper performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival was absolutely fun-tastic. More photos from Day 1 of the Pitchfork Music Fest below. 




Mac DeMarco 


Angel Olsen


Joanna Newsom



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