Top 10 Most Badass Women Rockers Today


Rock ‘n’ roll don’t need no binders full of women.

There’s an avalanche of incredible female rockers making music right now.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ fourth record “Mosquito” comes out tomorrow. There’s no doubt that Karen O. screams with the best of ‘em. But who’s the next Karen O? Here are some contenders.

 1. Sleigh Bells – Alexis Krauss


She struts her stuff like a lioness devouring her prey. Alexis Krauss’ singing voice is pure gold. On Sleigh Bells’ recordings and even live, it sounds so thick, you would think there were two women singing at once.

And she’s got style. Rocking anything from a studded black leather jacket to tank tops to sunglasses and sleeve tattoos, Alexis is truly a Joan Jett for her generation. Two distorted guitars and a drum machine make this band sound unlike any other.

Sleigh Bells’ “Infinity Guitars” is in 3 current movie trailers – “The Bling Ring,” “Pain & Gain” and “Kick-Ass 2.” Fame and fortune await.

2. Matt And Kim – Kim Schifino – drummer


Kim Schifino is the happiest drummer on earth. Her smile is endless, endearing and contagious. And her beats are spot-on. As the better half of duo Matt And Kim, she complements Matt Johnson with her witty stage banter.

“I’m feeding off your energy,” she once told a Cleveland crowd. “I eat that shit for breakfast.” Hoisting herself atop her kickdrum at every show, she shakes her booty like it’s her job. And it is her job – to entertain at all costs. Kim is also an avid crowd-surfer. But she doesn’t crowdsurf like most people – she actually walks on the crowd. Matt And Kim’s indie synthpop is nothing but fun and it’s Kim’s unabashed enthusiasm that exudes it.

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Amanda Palmer


One of the most ambitious women in rock today, Amanda Palmer ditches her vaudeville-style act from the past decade – Dresden Dolls – on her latest project, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. The band’s debut came out in the fall of last year and it resonates to this day. It features a near-symphony of indie-rockers including guitar, bass, drums, horns, strings, banjo, ukelele and more.

Amanda is still quite theatrical – hence the album’s title “Theater Is Evil” – and her Grand Theft Orchestra is packed with over-the-top vocals and hyperbolic musical arrangements. No stranger to controversy, Amanda got in hot water when she raised more than a million dollars – the highest ever for any Kickstarter campaign. Did she really need that much cash?

 4. Halestorm – Lizzy Hale


This punk/metal band features scratchy yet melodic vocals by the definitely badass Lizzie Hale. The band won Best Hard Rock / Metal Album at this year’s Grammy Awards for their album “The Strange Case of…”

 5. The Joy Formidable – Ritzy Bryan


The Joy Formidable come from Wales. It’s a very rural, quiet part of the UK, where you can make a lot of noise without disturbing anyone. The band’s fuzz-noise sound is reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins.

 6. Bleeding Rainbow – Sarah Everton


Lead singer Sarah Everton rocks a voice as sweet as whipped butter on pancakes, contrasting the band’s noisy aesthetic.

 7. Wild Flag – Carrie Brownstein


Carrie Brownstein is no stranger to the female rock scene. As the frontwoman behind the all-female Sleater Kinney, she’s the poster-girl for feminist rock. And with Wild Flag, she continues her jaunt into the annals of indie rock history. Smooth voice. Scratchy guitars. All good.

8. Swearin’ – Allison Crutchfield


The Brooklyn rockers’ lo-fi melodic punk sounds like it was made in a dank, dirty garage, and that’s a good thing.

9. Cults – Madeline Follin

The band’s ambling indie rock made a dent at last year’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, becoming one of the weekend’s highlights, thanks to powerful vocals by Follin.

10. Chairlift – Caroline Polachek

Soothing and sophisticated synth-pop never sounded so good, echoing Feist but with bleeps and beats.

Who are your favorite women rockers?




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