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Nu Gaze emerged in the early 2000s as a horde of bands started playing music influenced by the Shoegazers that came before them – see yesterday’s post  on Shoegaze. Deerhunter, A Place To Bury Strangers and Beach House are semi-popular examples.

There is also a prevalence of somewhat mainstream acts like Silversun Pickups – a band whose fuzzbox guitar effects echo the early Shoegaze scene.



M83 isn’t entirely Nu Gaze, but songs like “New Map” and “Reunion” fit the bill nicely. The ethereal nature of their music is definitely shoegaze inspired.

If you’re craving something new check out Diiv’s debut album, which came out a few weeks ago. Cool video too.

The Horrors used to be a punk band but their sound shifted to a nu gazey style on 2009’s “Primary Colours.” They were featured in an MTV News You Hear It First segment before their sound turned nu gazey. So were Silversun Pickups. Check out this video circa 2006. I would embed but MTV does not have embedding capability.

The vocals and guitars on Dead Leaf Echo’s “Tears” are dreamy and aloof, just like the original shoegazers.

There are a ton of more nu gaze bands.I listened to dozens of tracks to find the best.

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2 Responses

  1. Ogundipe says:

    Interesting I agree with Icculous about the Morrissey sound, so I can see why the professor likes it.It’s like Mogwai meets The Smiths or The Cure. I like all 3 of those acts inddpeneently better than as The Daysleepers, but that’s not exactly a bold statement. It is nice though.

  2. Evgeny says:

    The lead guitar rdemnis me quite a bit of Morrissey’s lead guitar. It’s an easy listen. At times, the vocalist makes me think of Billy Corgan, but prettier. (without the whine.)I’ll probably pick this up on my next itunes splurge.



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