The ’90s Punk Renaissance

The ConorTV Playlist Vol. 1



I used to make punk rock mixtapes and trade them with my friends in high school. We listened to all the bands in the image above. Plus local Chicago stuff like Apocalypse Hoboken, Oblivion and No Empathy. We would drive around the city with the windows rolled down blasting NOFX or Operation Ivy. We also listened to a hell of a lot of ska.

This Spotify playlist – which you can listen to after the jump – contains some of those punk rock songs we used to play.

Bands you have surely forgotten about like Guttermouth and Total Chaos are plentiful on this playlist. There are anthemic jams from artists like Rancid and Pennywise. Political tracks from Propagandhi and Anti-Flag. Weird covers from Good Riddance and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. And goofy songs from bands like Diesel Boy and Boris The Sprinkler.

At the time, it was blasphemy for punks to like Green Day and the Offspring. They were considered “corporate sell-outs” because they were multi-platinum rock stars who were popular on alternative radio. I’ve included them here because in retrospect their music was just as good and obviously more memorable than any of these bands…

This year marks the 35th anniversary of punk’s inaugural glory year of 1977. At the end of this mix, check out some punk from previous decades beginning with the Sex Pistols’ ‘77 trailblazing track “Anarchy in the UK” to hear where all this music came from.

There are some obscure tracks not on this playlist that I have on 7” vinyl and were never released on CD or online.

If you ever went to Warped Tour back in the day, brace yourself for a blast from the past.

What are your favorite punk albums? Leave a comment below.  

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